Used Gift Cards for Sale

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Almost any gift card that you can buy directly from the company site or store can be also purchased for a significant discount into various secondhand gift card sites.

Looking to buy used gift cards at a discount?

Click here to view a list of available discounted cards for your selected store.


Used gift cards for sale are becoming increasingly popular because they can be paired up with store sales as well as store discount coupons and lead to an overall savings of over 30%.

Where to find used gift cards for sale

  • Cardpool – Another mega gift card trading site that competes with PlasticJungle and offers attractive buying and selling rates for secondhand gift cards
  • eBay – eBay have a huge variety of gift cards. Some sellers are individuals looking to get rid of their cards and therefore are more likely to offer attractive discounts. Others use eBay as an online store to sell gift cards for a profit, so the savings potential there is not as high.
  • Gift Cards – One of the first gift card trading sites, offers a slightly old fashioned user interface but you can still find some bargains.
  • gift card rescue
  • giftah
  • gift card Avenue
  • gift card mall

While the list is long, some sites have significantly more gift cards on stock at any given moment, so if you are looking for more than one card or for any of the popular ones, it is recommended to first check Cardpool since it allows you to combine your purchases and pay using a variety of payment methods.

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