Sell Walmart Gift Card

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Got stuck with a Walmart gift card that you have no use for? Or the remaining balance is too low for you to buy something you want? Or you don’t live near a Walmart? You’ll be happy to know that Walmart gift cards are a very hot commodity, and you will have no problem to sell Walmart gift card and get cash instead.

In order for you to understand how much you can get for your Walmart gift card, we’ve used the following example: how much you would get if you were looking to sell Walmart gift card with a balance of $250.00.

PlasticJungle CardPool eBay
Cash Back $227.50 $225.00 $227.50 $217.00-$247.00
Shipping Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping You pay for shipping
Additional payment options Paypal, Amazon gift card Amazon gift card None Varies

* Choosing the option of getting an Amazon gift card entitles you to 5% more than what you were offered by this site. So, by choosing to get an Amazon gift card at PlasticJungle, you will get $238.88 back.

Choosing Where to Sell Walmart Gift Card

As you can see, different sites will give you different amounts for your Walmart gift card. You can get the most by selling it on eBay, but that option is risky. If you list your gift card at an auction, there is the chance it will not get bid up in price. If you choose a buy now option, it will appear a little less attractive to potential buyers and you are taking the chance your card won’t be sold.
You will also have to cover shipping costs to compete with other sellers. However, if you are up for it, than this option can definitely get you the most back for your card.

However, if you are looking for a quicker way to get rid of your Walmart gift card, than choose any of the 2 gift card exchange sites that are offering you the most back when you sell Walmart gift card (in this case, PlasticJungle and

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