Sell Unwanted Gift Card for Cash

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Some people want to take an easy-out and give gift cards for holidays, birthdays or weddings.

More often than not, these end up in a shoe box already full of unredeemed gift cards. To relieve people of this burden, the Internet now allows bearers to buy, swap and sell almost any unwanted gift card online.

Truth is, most retailers prefer that people buy gift cards because most of the time, these end up not being used at all. To quote a 2007 New York Times article on gift cards, “…let’s just say there is good reason that they are known within the retail industry as a stored-value product: they store their value very well, and often permanently.”

There are several known ways to get rid of gift cards you absolutely don’t have any use for. Aside from heading off to the retailer and approaching someone who might be willing to swap the card for his cash, you can just sit in front of your computer and sell unwanted gift card for cash.

Selling an unwanted gift card means getting less than the actual value of the card. But since it was given as a gift in the first place and you just happened to have no use for it, it is still free money.

Some sites that help you get cash out of that unwanted card:

1. – Cardpool has been recommended by TV networks and reputable publications as “the gift card marketplace everyone should be using”, and it offers cash back for up to 92% of the value of the card.

All transactions through their site include free shipping and are protected by their Purchase Guarantee Program. The process is simple: you sell your card for cash or for an Amazon gift card, you drop off the card with a Free Shipping stamp, they receive the card and send payment through mail within 24 hours.

2. – One of the easiest ways to sell unwanted gift card for cash is through this site. Simply create a listing for “gift card for sale”, offer an attractive discount or start at a low bidding price and provide a detailed description (value, expiration, other perks).
What’s good about selling through eBay is that there is direct interaction between seller and buyer. And while a gift card can be unwanted for the seller, there might be a buyer out there who would bid top dollar for it.

3. – One way to ensure that you get cash for that unused card is through the many gift card exchange sites. The oldest and most distinct member of this group is the GiftCards site, that offers you cash back for mailing in your card. While the process itself is a little less “fine” than the processes of other sites reviewed in this article, you can get more cash for certain cards on this site, than on any other site.

Beware of bogus buyers though; eBay is a relatively safe online marketplace but there are members who just bid but don’t go through the whole transaction.

Sometimes, well-meaning loved ones just don’t realize that a Starbucks gift card would be better appreciated than one for Souper Salad. It’s good to know that the possibility exists to safely sell your unwanted gift card and get extra money out of it.

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