Sell Starbucks Gift Card

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If you have a Starbucks gift card that you don’t need, you can easily sell it. Those who can’t get by without their daily dose of Starbucks coffee are happy to pay for unused, secondhand gift cards. This way both sides win: You get almost the full value of your Starbucks gift card and the buyer gets a small discount when shopping at his favorite coffee shop.

Sell Starbucks gift card – Which exchange site should you choose?

In order to guarantee that you’re getting the maximum out of your unwanted gift cards, it’s best to do a short market survey. Let’s say you have a $50 gift card for Starbucks.

  • At CardPool, you will also get $41 for it (if you choose to send in the card) or $38.50 if you sell it online by submitting its PIN number
  • At PlasticJungle, you will be paid $41 for it (82% of its value)
  • At GiftCardRescue, you will be paid $39 for it (78% of its value)
  • At eBay, you can get up to 96% of your card’s value (highest amounts are paid when the seller chooses an auction-type listing where potential buyers conduct a bidding war)

Both at PlasticJungle and CardPool, you can trade in your Starbucks gift card for an Amazon gift card and get more in return than you would if you choose cash. if you have something specific in mind that you would like to buy with the money that you will get when you sell your Starbucks gift card, its recommended that you quickly visit Amazon first to see if they have this item.

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