Sell Home Depot Gift Card

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Getting a gift card to Home Depot could be great, if you need to fix or feel like remodeling any part of your house. If you don’t have any plans to do so in the near future, chances are your Home Depot gift card will go unused for a very long time. If you’ve already tried asking around your family or friends who needs such a card (a simple Facebook status update does the trick) and didn’t find a buyer, it’s time to broaden the circle, discover ways to sell Home Depot gift card for the most cash.

Unlike getting rid of some restaurant gift cards or gift cards to large mega stores, a gift card to Home Depot is not a very popular item.

To review, here is the cash value that each of the big gift card exchange sites are currently willing to offer for a $75.00 Home Depot gift card:

That means that you will be getting back 86% of your card’s value. While not so bad, if you have no use for your card, it is definitely not the 92% that the most popular gift cards are worth on these same sites.

Those who are hoping to get more when they sell Home Depot gift card, will probably need to go to the store itself and try to trade with someone who is about to pay in cash for their purchase. The higher the value of your card, the more people you will probably need to ask (and stand in line with, and swipe your card for), to get back your cash. This method is good for those who aren’t too shy to ask for a favor, and have the energy for this trip to a Home Depot.

For others, the instant method of printing a shipping label and mailing their card for free to the gift card exchange site that offers the best price – Is the probably most recommended, hassle free alternative.

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