Sell Fandango Gift Card

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If you’re not a very big movie buff and you happen to own a Fandango gift card, used this quick review of the major ways to sell Fandango gift card online:


$50 gift card will bring you:

  • $30 in cash (60%)
  • $31.50 in Amazon gift card (63%)


$50 gift card will bring you:

  • $30.50 in cash (61%)

Currently, Fandango gift cards can only be sent in by mail, so you cannot redeem them online.


On eBay, almost all Fandango gift cards that are listed are quickly sold. Sellers use 3 selling formats, according to how important it is for them to sell their card quickly and how important it is for them to get a certain amount for the sale.

  • Auction – This is the most popular format, most Fandango gift cards are sold this way. You can expect to get anything from 50% to 86% of the gift card’s value using this method.
  • Best offer – The best offer is not one that is widely used, but it is effective in some cases when you’re looking to get rid of your card as soon as possible. This way people can simply say how much they’re willing to pay for your Fandango card, and all you need to do is choose whether or not to accept their offer
  • Buy it now – The least popular format. Here you are the one determining the price and the buyer can either agree to pay it or not make the purchase at all. If you have a minimum amount that you’re looking to get your card, it is always better to auction it off and set this amount is a starting bid, instead of using the buy it now option.


If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable using the above-mentioned platforms, you can sell Fandango gift cards free using Craig’slist. This will require more of your time as you will need to screen the buyers and make sure that you’re not getting scammed, but you’ll also cut down on brokerage commissions that both eBay does well is all leading gift card trading sites charge.

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