Sell BORDERS Gift Card

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This post will be on a less than happy note. Since Borders’ announcement of closing its physical, brick and mortar stores, it will be much harder to for you to sell Borders gift card.

Actually, with Borders’ “going under” sales, the best way for you to get back cash is by buying at the store things that will be easy to sell later on. You can check eBay for popular books or games, in the “completed listings” section. Your goal is to find a certain book or game that is popular and have buyers on eBay. Once you find such items, check to see what is the average selling price on eBay, and compare it with the purchase price at Borders.

Remember: Your goal is to locate popular items that are easy to sell. Once you do, go ahead and buy these items. You only have a short period of time to do this. Back in front of your computer, look at existing listings for the same items. Try to write an enticing headline and description of your brand new item. You can also state the words “LOW PRICE”, “I ONLY HAVE ONE BOOK/GAME TO SELL” or through in free shipping (don’t forget to calculate the costs).

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