Sell Best Buy Gift Card

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Discounted Best Buy gift cards are always in demand: The amount you pay for a new kitchen appliance or an electronic gadget is much smaller when you shop with secondhand gift cards. For this reason, you will have no problem to sell any Best Buy gift card that you have, no matter what is the remaining balance of the card or the season of the year when you’re selling it. It’s

How to Sell Best Buy Gift Card


$100 Best Buy Gift Card:

  • $86 when you send in your card (86%)
  • $90.30 when you exchange your card for an Amazon gift card (90.3%)


$100 Best Buy Gift Card:

  • $86 when you send in your card (86%)
  • $81 when you redeem in for cash online (81%)


A $100 Best Buy gift card can be sold in an auction and buy it now formats, but the more popular of the two is the auction format. You can get as much as 95% or even 98% when you sell Best Buy gift cards in this format. In order to increase your chances of selling your card for a higher sum,  do the following:

  • Use the title “Best Buy Gift Card” along with its cash value
  • Look at completed listings to get ideas how to best describe your card
  • List it on a weekend and choose a seven-day listing, so the auction will close also during the weekend ( this increases your chance of potential buyers bidding up your card¬† simply because they are available to bid)

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