Sell Barnes and Noble Gift Card

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Received an unwanted gift card for Barnes & Noble? There are some good news and some bad news.

The good news:

Like most others gift cards, you can can sell Barnes and Noble gift card for cash, or trade it for a gift card that you actually want.

The bad news:

Barnes and Noble gift cards are not very popular, and so their value in the arena of second hand gift cards is not so high.

Let’s say that you have a $50.00 Barnes & Noble gift card. Here is what you will be paid by each of the leading gift card exchange sites:

  • PlasticJungle$38.5 in check or Paypal OR $40.43 in Amazon gift cards (free shipping is also included here)
  • CardPool$39.00 in check (free shipping is also included here)
  • Some sites, like offer even less than that for your card: $36.50 in check

As you can see, the highest cash offer is for 78% of the card’s value. If you are looking for more than that, your options are to sell Barnes and Noble gift card yourself. As we discussed on sell unwanted gift card online, if you want to get more for your gift card, you will have to handle the listing of the card, answering questions from potential buyers, and in some cases, take the risk of losing both your card, your card’s shipping cost (which you need to pay for yourself), and the cash amount that you and the buyer have agreed upon.
This risk is much higher when you are selling your card through a site that doesn’t have a buyer and seller rating system. With eBay, for example, you can read the buyer’s feedback score and comments to know what you are dealing with. With Craigslist, this option doesn’t exist.

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