North Face Gift Card

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Moosejaw Winter Clearance Sale   CardPool

with 15% discount fixed discount rate on all cards, CardPool has the most attractive rates for North Face gift cards.


PlasticJungle offers a fixed 11% discount, so it is less attractive than other sites for this particular gift card. However, when other sites don’t offer a card that has the remaining balance that you are looking to purchase, it might be better to save a little less but buy a gift card did you will actually use.

Getting stuck with a remaining balance on a gift card that you have no use for, is more expensive than buying exactly the gift card that you need for a slightly smaller discount.


Another option that you might consider is checking out is eBay. 14%-15% is an average discount rate that you can expect. there aren’t many North face gift cards being sold on eBay on any given moment, and those that are usually require you to wait for the auction to finish.

If you’re not pressed for time, this could be a good option for you but CardPool will probably be able to provide the same amount discount, so make sure to compare the two options before you make your decision.


If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, you can try and organize a trade, as most individuals have gift cards that they don’t need, and even if you cannot obtain a North Face gift card from one of your friends, you might be able to buy another gift card at a discounted rate from them and then trade it for the gift card you really do want.

Selling a North Face Gift Card

Many discounted North Face gift cards have very high face value, so you might get stuck with a remaining balance on their card. In this case, you should have no problem selling your gift card, using anyone of the above mentioned platforms.

  • PlasticJungle – 72% of your card’s remaining balance
  • CardPool – 70% of your card’s remaining value balance

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