Instant Cash for Gift Cards

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Have gift cards that you’re looking to monetize quickly?

Check how much you can get for it right here –

How much you will get, depends on the following factors:

#1 – Value of your card

Is the remaining balance of your card between $25 and $1,000? If so, then proceed.

(High-value gift cards are harder to sell in general and so most gift card trading sites will refuse to buy them).

#2 – Card type

Only gift cards with PIN can be part of the instant cash for gift cards plan, paper gift certificates are not accepted. While the majority of cards today is managed electronically and each gift card  has a unique PIN, if your car does not – then you’ll have to send it in to get cash back.

#3 – PayPal account

Do you have a PayPal account? If so, then proceed. Currently, instant funding is only available via a PayPal deposit, so you must have a PayPal account (or know someone that has one and you can trust to give you the money after they receive it)

#4 – Card retailer

Only selected retailers’ gift cards are eligible for instant cash return. If the gift card you’re selling is one of those, then you can get an instant cash offer below. Otherwise, you will be required to mail in your card.

Usually, it is only the more popular gift cards that do not require mailing you are the list of gift cards excepted is updated on a monthly basis so it is always a good idea to check.

Click on the button to get a cash offer for your card