Gift Card Selling During The Slow Season of Gift Cards

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Summer months make the slow season for secondhand gift card selling, the stock available at gift card trading sites dwindles down at for buyers, this could mean a hard time finding bargains.

In contrast, the busiest time is when the new year rolls in, when Christmas gifts are exchanged and unwanted gift cards are traded for cash or more desirable ones. Then, the variety of gift cards is huge and some sellers might even have to settle for less, if they really want to monetize their unwanted assets.

But, if you do have a gift card that you want to get rid off, now is the best time (really, this is not a cliché). There are a couple of reasons for this:
While during the busy winter months, gift card trading sites often become picky about the cards that they will purchase from you (this is especially the case with gift cards that people are not very eager to buy), summer time is the dry season so chances are you will be able to sell your card much more easily to leading gift card sites like CardPool.

Even if your card has been rejected, trying again this time of year could prove to be beneficial. It is always a good idea to compare and check more than one site, but stick with the big companies.

Don’t risk sending your gift card to some small website, even if they are offering more cash, because you can get stuck with a card and no cash. The Better Business Bureau, which monitors high profile websites, can provide you with a rating for a site that you are not sure about. Don’t get tempted by a site offering 1% or 2% more, if their rating is good enough, or, more likely, they do not have any rating at all.

Keeping in mind that this is a slow season for buyers, you can maybe got more if you sell it yourself, using a marketplace that you feel comfortable with. If you are active in a social network, you can post an ad for your card. Keep in mind that this time of year, this is a sellers’ market and try to ask for a higher percentage – for the more popular gift cards, we suggest that you start as high as 95%-97% of your card’s value and assess the response you get.